Oct 12, 2010

Duum Machine (Me + Scattle + Amon26)

Hey check it out. I ported another of Scattle's old games. Amon26 provided us with a score.
(Click here to play it in centered in the browser screen)

Here's the description we've been using:
Duum Mashine is a grunge shooter with the neat concept of destroying things using a huge solar powered laser! It features completely hand-drawn graphics, an industrial score by Amon26, and the addicting arcade action you know and love!
Protip: holding the laser down is pretty inefficient. Try tapping the mouse button while aiming precisely instead!

I like the game. I think it's reasonably fun for a while. Maybe you will as well. Cheers

You can also check it out on Newgrounds

Super Mind Dungeon (Beef + JW)

Beef and JW have a pretty good game here. Basically you play as this crippled telekinetic ninja master (the working title for the game was Crippled Master and the Deadly Trap Disaster) who can launch himself in one of the 4 diagonal directions once after every time he touches a non-metal surface.
It makes for some tricky spatial puzzles, but it never gets so difficult that you can't just get through a level by randomly trying different things.
It's even got a second mode where each level has a coin you must collect before continuing.

The game isn't lacking, but I think there's definitely more that can be done with the game mechanic, and it'd probably be fun to mess around with. Stuff like moving platforms and enemies and combining the psyclicking with one or two other types of motion could make for some interesting play.

Anyway give it a shot if you haven't already.

Sep 20, 2010

3 small games

hello everybody

over the past two weeks i've done 3 game jams. two at the poppenkast and one at college. here are the games should you like to play them. they're not much but you might enjoy them anyway.

for the first poppen one i made Midget Parking Rampage. in it you play as a raging schizophrenic midget named brian who just got a job as a valet at the local movie theater and is super excited about it. the movie theater is playing the newest tween sensation film and all the 15-year-olds are trying to get a space in the parking lot. you must help them.
brian can jump around with his midget legs to move more quickly than walking (press x to leap, arrow keys to walk). park the cars!
f4 toggles fullscreen, R restarts, escape quits.
the challenge here is not so much to park a lot of cars, because they practically park themselves into huge heaps, but to keep a car alive and going fast after you've piled up a good 100 or so.

midget it up . also sorry if i am offending any abnormally short people or any people named brian van bruggen.

for the second poppen one i made Missile Maverick. the theme was flight. in it you've got to survive an onslaught of missiles by shooting the missiles with your missiles (hit Z). i also added flares (hit X) for those of you who are pitiful enough to need them. you can dodge missiles by turning with left and right and by increasing thrust with up and by doing rolls by holding down or shift when you turn. I dare you to survive through more than 100 enemy missiles without flares :U

get it HERE

for the game jam at my college i made Death of Dirt. it's a shmup bearing some similarities to cosmop and featuring a shitty background track i rush-made in 20 minutes cause i didn't have internet by which to get a decent song.
it's got 4 different boss behaviors, infinite lives, and a simple and pure control scheme. use the arrow keys to move. also you can hit f4 to go into fullscreen, escape to quit, and shift-R to start over completely. also if you desperately cannot beat a boss and want to see the next one, you can hit shift-z to kill the current boss. but that's cheating >:U
the jam theme was inevitability so i was going to give the game a premise involving trying and failing to save the earth from monsters from space (after you beat all the bosses the earth would explode), but i didn't end up having quite enough time during the jam. i might revisit this and add another couple bosses and put in that storyline real quick when i get a chance. no time now.
as for this one, i'd really like to see a video of someone playing through it in one life and without using the shift+z cheat. that would make my day.

get it HERE

hope you have fun playing them. i surely had fun making them. i was surprised i was able to make time for it.

ps i'll try to upload some videos of the games soon. maybe i'll do the challenges i've proposed here. beat me to it if you like.

Aug 25, 2010

Scattle's demonic music vid and also I'm at college now

Hey check it out, Scattle made this interesting music vid for this band po po. I thought it was kinda cool because of its narrative elements and style. It follows a man through the underworld after he is killed by a brick to the head.

I'm pretty fascinated with game devs making music videos mostly because I have plans (or dreams, more like) to do so a couple times myself if I ever get some time on my hands. I like it when music videos have narratives, even when they are super weird or crazy or make nearly no sense.

Speaking of time on my hands, I don't have any anymore until as late as May. I'm at college now, at WPI (studying Robotics Engineering and Interactive Media and Game Design/Development and art and life and stuff, for now). I'll still make some games before then (and certainly after) most likely and may have some stories and such to share if anyone is interested.


Jun 1, 2010

Pebble King engine test video

An engine test of a game I'm making in flixel. I orbit around the pebbles for a bit then land and walk some.
Don't be alarmed by the placeholder pebble graphics and general lack of visual polish. It will be remedied at some point.

The music is "the inconceptual one" OUTLAWS - Metro 2033 +10trn.xm in the keygenmusic music pack (http://www.keygenmusic.net/?page=packlist search 'outlaws')

Mar 20, 2010

Abandonware video 1

These are a couple of abandoned and forgotten projects of mine from years ago, all made in Game Maker.

Music is Rain by Fuchuzz

Mar 18, 2010

Constellation Chaos On Newgrounds

Newgrounds has generously sponsored Constellation Chaos, the game Scattle and I made.

Play it HERE

Mar 2, 2010

Constellation Chaos Trailer

So the last couple of weeks I've been learning Flixel and making this game Constellation Chaos with Scattle. It's mostly done now and we're in the waiting for sponsors stage. Newgrounds has generously sponsored it! Here's a teaser video:

Jan 31, 2010

Parte Bandido

I made a small game for the Global Game Jam. Unfortunately the nearest location to me was closed to non-students, but they were kind enough to let me participate remotely. However I did not see the theme information until 40 minutes before the deadline, so the game I made is rather small.

Jan 27, 2010

Site redesign

I learned some CSS and have put it to use, as you can see if you are looking at this page before I've done another redesign.