Jun 1, 2010

Pebble King engine test video

An engine test of a game I'm making in flixel. I orbit around the pebbles for a bit then land and walk some.
Don't be alarmed by the placeholder pebble graphics and general lack of visual polish. It will be remedied at some point.

The music is "the inconceptual one" OUTLAWS - Metro 2033 +10trn.xm in the keygenmusic music pack (http://www.keygenmusic.net/?page=packlist search 'outlaws')


  1. Wow long time since u post anything here :) where have u been :) Hope u were fine :)

    BTW nice engine :) the motion is so smooth in it :)

  2. Very nice stuff!

    You must have added a lot of things in the Flixel framework because I don't remember that Flixel handles circular shapes like the ones that compose your pebbles.

    And the "jetpack physics" is really convincing :)

    Good job

  3. Thanks guys. C:

    Amidos, I've been good, just busy with finishing up senior year in high school.

    Guillaume, the circular shapes are drawn to a Sprite using flash's graphics drawing functions and then that Sprite is drawn to FlxG.buffer. That's how I've been doing vector drawing in flixel so far


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