Oct 12, 2010

Duum Machine (Me + Scattle + Amon26)

Hey check it out. I ported another of Scattle's old games. Amon26 provided us with a score.
(Click here to play it in centered in the browser screen)

Here's the description we've been using:
Duum Mashine is a grunge shooter with the neat concept of destroying things using a huge solar powered laser! It features completely hand-drawn graphics, an industrial score by Amon26, and the addicting arcade action you know and love!
Protip: holding the laser down is pretty inefficient. Try tapping the mouse button while aiming precisely instead!

I like the game. I think it's reasonably fun for a while. Maybe you will as well. Cheers

You can also check it out on Newgrounds

Super Mind Dungeon (Beef + JW)

Beef and JW have a pretty good game here. Basically you play as this crippled telekinetic ninja master (the working title for the game was Crippled Master and the Deadly Trap Disaster) who can launch himself in one of the 4 diagonal directions once after every time he touches a non-metal surface.
It makes for some tricky spatial puzzles, but it never gets so difficult that you can't just get through a level by randomly trying different things.
It's even got a second mode where each level has a coin you must collect before continuing.

The game isn't lacking, but I think there's definitely more that can be done with the game mechanic, and it'd probably be fun to mess around with. Stuff like moving platforms and enemies and combining the psyclicking with one or two other types of motion could make for some interesting play.

Anyway give it a shot if you haven't already.