Oct 12, 2010

Duum Machine (Me + Scattle + Amon26)

Hey check it out. I ported another of Scattle's old games. Amon26 provided us with a score.
(Click here to play it in centered in the browser screen)

Here's the description we've been using:
Duum Mashine is a grunge shooter with the neat concept of destroying things using a huge solar powered laser! It features completely hand-drawn graphics, an industrial score by Amon26, and the addicting arcade action you know and love!
Protip: holding the laser down is pretty inefficient. Try tapping the mouse button while aiming precisely instead!

I like the game. I think it's reasonably fun for a while. Maybe you will as well. Cheers

You can also check it out on Newgrounds


  1. Nice. But as a hardcore fan (well, softcore maybe, but I've been playing it +- regularly since it came out till now) I must admit that the port doesn't stand up to the original. My points:
    + Looks: The "writing-paper-like" background is the first thing that made me love the game. Why take that away?
    + Hears: I liked the original music more, but I'm not disappointed here.
    + Gameplay: Hmm...
    --- Sun! You can harvest the sun all the time now, not only when it's in the center. I understand that you tried to make the game easier, but I believe that was crucial to the gameplay ("i don't wanna kill that copter yet, let's get as much sun as possible before it fades and then take it down").
    --- Reversed steering! Again. The original steering was a simple method to make the shooting part something MORE than a simple point'n'click. Undoing the steering, again, makes the game easier, but takes a good part of it.
    --- You also removed the "protect the light bulb from bombs or you're gonna die instantly" part, which makes the game, duh, kind of easier again, but I'm not going to complain here- it's going to prevent some accidental deaths (i.e. "WTF, why did I die, I had 3 lives) and copters are STILL dangerous if you let them close. Seems like a good change.

    Seems like that's it. Well, I'd keep playing the original, but thanks for showing this little pearl to the world again :)

  2. Hey Tomasz,
    Yeah, I'm sorry we thought we had to tone it down so much. I too prefer the harder original version, basically for all of those same reasons :x
    However we did have some reasons for the changes.
    The reason we reversed the steering was that people kept clicking outside the screen and pausing the game when they were trying to shoot at stuff. With the laser pointing directly toward the mouse instead of away from it, this happens much less.
    I dunno why we changed the paper background to a chalkboard one. I think it was my idea, and although I think both Scattle and I liked it a little more and it better fit with the new music, but it was really kind of a random change overall.
    As for the sun, I would have liked to make it even harder to charge than the original but we figured anybody playing for the first time would be very put off by that.


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