Sep 20, 2010

3 small games

hello everybody

over the past two weeks i've done 3 game jams. two at the poppenkast and one at college. here are the games should you like to play them. they're not much but you might enjoy them anyway.

for the first poppen one i made Midget Parking Rampage. in it you play as a raging schizophrenic midget named brian who just got a job as a valet at the local movie theater and is super excited about it. the movie theater is playing the newest tween sensation film and all the 15-year-olds are trying to get a space in the parking lot. you must help them.
brian can jump around with his midget legs to move more quickly than walking (press x to leap, arrow keys to walk). park the cars!
f4 toggles fullscreen, R restarts, escape quits.
the challenge here is not so much to park a lot of cars, because they practically park themselves into huge heaps, but to keep a car alive and going fast after you've piled up a good 100 or so.

midget it up . also sorry if i am offending any abnormally short people or any people named brian van bruggen.

for the second poppen one i made Missile Maverick. the theme was flight. in it you've got to survive an onslaught of missiles by shooting the missiles with your missiles (hit Z). i also added flares (hit X) for those of you who are pitiful enough to need them. you can dodge missiles by turning with left and right and by increasing thrust with up and by doing rolls by holding down or shift when you turn. I dare you to survive through more than 100 enemy missiles without flares :U

get it HERE

for the game jam at my college i made Death of Dirt. it's a shmup bearing some similarities to cosmop and featuring a shitty background track i rush-made in 20 minutes cause i didn't have internet by which to get a decent song.
it's got 4 different boss behaviors, infinite lives, and a simple and pure control scheme. use the arrow keys to move. also you can hit f4 to go into fullscreen, escape to quit, and shift-R to start over completely. also if you desperately cannot beat a boss and want to see the next one, you can hit shift-z to kill the current boss. but that's cheating >:U
the jam theme was inevitability so i was going to give the game a premise involving trying and failing to save the earth from monsters from space (after you beat all the bosses the earth would explode), but i didn't end up having quite enough time during the jam. i might revisit this and add another couple bosses and put in that storyline real quick when i get a chance. no time now.
as for this one, i'd really like to see a video of someone playing through it in one life and without using the shift+z cheat. that would make my day.

get it HERE

hope you have fun playing them. i surely had fun making them. i was surprised i was able to make time for it.

ps i'll try to upload some videos of the games soon. maybe i'll do the challenges i've proposed here. beat me to it if you like.

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  1. Thats nice :)

    I am happy to see u active again :) and the most game I dlove is the first one (Midget Parking Rampage)

    Its concept and engine is amazing and the graphics although it appear to some people from first look its crap but really its very amazing and fits with the game very well :)


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